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Help us gain feedback on end of life care services across Northern Lincs

Healthwatch in North and North East Lincolnshire is trying to capture the views of our public and patients around end of life care.
If you have a patient who has experienced the end of life care pathway in North or North East Lincs, or if you know of a family member of an end of life care patient, the Healthwatch team would like to hear from them.
They would like to know:

  • How patients and/or families have found/are finding the end of life care pathway?
  • Are/did they receive the support needed, when they needed it?
  • Was there adequate communication between services and was everyone aware of the patient’s choices?
  • Did the patient and family know who to contact and when, according to the care plan?
  • Is there anything they would have liked/would like to change about their journey?

To provide views on these services, please contact:
North Lincs:
Tel: 01724 844986
North East Lincs:
Tel: 01472 361459
We would appreciate it if you could pass these details on to patients/families where appropriate.
Thank you. We really value the feedback.


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