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NHS England and Improvement Engagement Patient Workshops

NHS England and Improvement have committed through Investment and Evolution and GP Contract Update to deliver a single, combined access offer through the Network Contract Direct Enhanced Service (DES), bringing together the current extended hours funding under the DES and the CCG commissioned extended access services. The nationally consistent offer is to be developed and discussed with GPC England and patient groups, reflecting what works best in existing local schemes. The transfer of responsibility and funding will take place in April 2022.


We are also committed to exploring, as an option, an expanded role for PCNs in joining up and running urgent care services in the community, as part of a wider ambition to better integrate primary and urgent care services.

Building on the learning from the access review and COVID, we have developed a high level vision which delivers access to the right service at the right time, and in the right place (regardless of when the patient makes contact whether that is via face to face, telephone or video appointments). The includes: 

  • a more standardised and better understood offer for patients, simple to access and providing the full range of general practice services;  
  • a more digitally enabled offer, facilitating convenient access for patients and flexible working for staff;
  • a more multidisciplinary offer, using wider set of roles to help deliver services such as screening and vaccinations;  
  • a better integrated offer, efficiently connected to the rest of the integrated urgent care system;   
  • an offer more focussed on addressing access inequalities. 


As part of our ambition to improve access to general practice services, we would like to invite you to join us at a virtual workshop for patients and patient organisations on 17th June at 10am – 2pm.  The aims of the workshop are:

  • to share feedback from recent engagement on
  • current models of delivery and what we have learned from them and
  • how they are shaping our approach for improving extended access; and
  • to listen and learn from patient and the public’s experiences of access to general practice services, exploring:
  • What are patient preferences for access to general practice services in extended hours?
  • How do we make sure patients understand how to access general practice services?  Can this be more intuitive?
  • Do preferences differ by patient group and what are the implications of that?


The outputs from the workshops will be analysed for themes, trends and patient stories.  The findings will be added to other gathered evidenced and views and feed into policy discussions for improving access and where appropriate contribute to case studies.


Please email to confirm your attendance and an invitation with links will be sent to you. 

If you are unable to join a meeting or you prefer, we can send a template for you to give feedback on the themes we are discussing at the event.

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