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Research about home care

The University of York has embarked upon a three-year programme to increase the quantity and quality of research about home care. You can find out more about it

Home care affects the lives of very many people but there is not very much research evidence about how best to provide it. The researchers want to understand about carers’ experiences of home care and what they think are the most important topics / issues to be researched. They will be holding Zoom meetings during June and July to talk to small groups of carers about this. Alternatively, carers who don’t want/are unable to join a Zoom meeting can offer their views via email or phone call.

Please contact Gareth O’Rourke if you would like to find out more about the research programme or you are interested in attending one of the meetings / participating in another way. Gareth’s contact details are:

Gareth O’Rourke. Home Instead Research Fellow


call or text: 07385 430880

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