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Social Prescribing in North East Lincolnshire (NEL)

Did you know that a different kind of prescription is now available for people living with certain long-term conditions in NEL?

Social prescribing aims to connect people with local community based activities that could help improve their overall health, wellbeing and independence.

A small team of link workers based at Centre4 can work with people for up to 2 years. A link worker will take time to get to know each patient and start to understand some of life’s everyday pressures preventing people moving forward and from managing their condition better. Research from established social prescribing programmes has identified a reduction in primary and secondary care access for patients offered a social prescription. Social prescribing is also one of the 10 High Impact Actions highlighted by the RCGP that can potentially increase capacity and reduce workload in general practice:

Link workers can help in a number of practical ways, for example by supporting with advice about benefits and debt as well as encouraging patients to get more active, learn new skills, eat more healthily, find or rediscover a hobby or simply connect more with people to reduce social isolation.

If your practice would like to know more about the service please contact the project coordinator, Steve Johnston on 01472 236675 or by email:

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