Community Representatives

Community Representatives

Anne Hames

Chair of Community Forum and Community Contact for unscheduled care

I originally joined Accord to help improve patient experience because I know friends and relatives who have not had particularly good care in the past. In my role as the Chair of the Community Forum I’m committed to making sure that local care is high in quality and delivered effectively in a professional manner and that all services are run efficiently. I’m particularly passionate about making sure that people in our CCG area have a voice, that they are listened to, treated with respect and dignity and are given correct up to date information about their care.


Wendy Wood

Wendy WoodCommunity Contact for Council of Members

I am passionate that everyone receives the very best health and social care. Thanks to my previous experiences in life, business and the NHS I was able to make a useful contribution to Accord and further still as a member of the Community Forum. No matter what age someone is, I believe we need to protect older people from social isolation, help to give children the best start in life through exercise and healthy eating and support families and schools through the process.



Philip Bond

Philip BondRepresentative for CCG Governing Body and CCG Lay Member for Patient Involvement

After retiring from work as a Legal Adviser to Justices in the Court Service, due to serious illness, I was keen to give something back to the NHS. I served seven years as an elected Governor on the Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Hospital Trust fulfilling several roles including that of Lead Governor. I now serve as an elected Lay Member on the CCG Board.

Outside the NHS, I am Chair of Directors at Tollbar Family of Academies (a local Academy Chain) and Chair of Governors at both Tollbar and Cleethorpes Academies. I hope to use the skills, abilities and experience gained in professional and voluntary roles to the benefit of the local health service. The NHS faces difficult decisions about the future of health care in the financial climate; I’m committed to helping the NHS make wise decisions about the choices available and help the public to understand the reasons behind these decisions.


Diane Edmonds

Diane EdmondsCommunity Contact for Communications and Engagement

I joined Accord as I believe it’s important for ordinary people to have a say in how their health care is delivered and at the same time be able to support, or indeed challenge, the decision-making processes. I feel that representing the patient and carer has been even more important during recent changes to health and social care structures. I sit on a number of committees and am particularly keen on contributing to quality aspects of the patient experience.



Barry Osborne

Community Contact for Mental Health and Disabilities

I have lived and worked in Grimsby all my life. I recently completed 30 years in Health & Social Care - working for the Local Authority, Department of Education, Social Services, and the NHS.

I have worked with children and adults, my main focus was Person Centred Planning - supporting and enabling people with a learning disability & their carers to remain in control of the decisions that affect their lives.

I became a Community Forum representative so I could ensure vulnerable people remain central in all that affects them, and that the services they receive reflect what is important to them.



Eveline Dawson

Community Contact for Equality and Diversity 

After retiring from a career in Education, I am keen to use my skills and experience to benefit the local community. My work as Inclusion Coordinator in a local school, and my passion for equality and fairness for everyone has underpinned my decision to become the Community Contact for Equality and Diversity with Accord. It is important to me to give something back to the NHS and I hope, through this role, I can influence decisions which ensure everyone in our locality has the opportunity to access high quality health and social care.



Terence Simco

Terence SimcoCommunity Contact for Planned Care & Representative for Health & Wellbeing Board

As a former General Secretary in London I am a member and a Fellow of the Institute of Welfare Officers and a former practice teacher for social workers. Through my work I have always had a good understanding of many of the communities needs medically and socially. I continue to be interested in the health and wellbeing of people; this is one of the reasons why I joined Accord. I think it’s important that we offer the best services we can to improve the lives of people in North East Lincolnshire and listen to their needs.



Albert Bennett

Albert BennettCommunity Contact for Older People

I became a member of Accord through a mail shot and now I’m here to represent all members of Accord in any way I can. It’s great to be part of something that will help the whole of North East Lincolnshire. I am particularly interested in older people and safeguarding adults. I believe that during this time of change it’s important that services are not lost and standards are maintained and improved.


Pam Taylor

Pam TaylorCommunity Contact for Women and Children

I spent many years working in the health service in midwifery, health visiting and safeguarding before joining Accord. It was this experience which led me to join the Community Forum as lead for women and children’s. I am particularly passionate about treating people with dignity and hearing what people have to say. I know from my own experience that sometimes people listen but don’t always hear. Until we really take notice of patient experience it’s not going to improve and I want to help change this.


Bernard Henry

Representative for Delivery Assurance Committee, Releasing Community Capacity (RCC) Board, Mortality Action Group and Healthy Lives, Healthy Futures Transport Group.

Bernard HenryHaving gained plenty of experience in the public sector I made the decision to join Accord to try and give something back to the community in which I worked. Because of my experience I feel I’m able to represent the views of the public and am particularly interested in quality of services and safe care. Like everyone else, I have my own experiences of care that could be improved on and I want to help the NHS provide the best and most dignified care to patients that we can.


Christine Foreman

Christine ForemanCommunity Contact for Community Care

I’ve always had an interest in issues affecting local people and in my working life I’ve met many people of all ages and in need of help. This is one of the reasons why I joined Accord. Now I’m an active member of the Community Forum and advise on a number of topics to help improve local services. I have a particular interest in promoting a positive attitude towards patients.



Margaret Henry

Margaret HenryCommunity Contact for Prescribing and Medicines Management

Having recently retired, I now have the opportunity to give some of my time to working in the voluntary sector. I worked for a number of years in administration in a GP surgery and following my recent appointment as Community Contact for the Prescribing and Medicines Triangle, I feel I am able to bring this experience to this role on behalf of the community, in order to ensure that we have the best and efficient use of managing prescribing within the NHS.


David Walker

Representative for Delivery Assurance Committee

I spent many years in the Army and in my spare time worked with various charities. 

Since leaving the forces in 1996 I have worked in the third sector and with many charities involved with homelessness, the elderly and those requiring rehabilitation, mentoring and support. 

As a person with a disability I am keenly aware of some of the issues people face trying to access appropriate, high quality social and medical services and support.  Consequently, I have joined Accord to try and help improve and shape those services for the betterment of our community.