Meet the team

Accord Steering Group Members

Liz Read

Chair of the Accord Steering Group

Although I am now retired, I was for many years a teacher in a mainstream primary school, with responsibility for Special Needs. I therefore had a professional interest in Children's Services.

I joined Accord because I thought it was an exciting opportunity to help influence and shape health services and provision in our local area. I also wanted to actively support the NHS, which is a national treasure.

I felt privileged to be chosen to become an Ambassador. I wanted to contribute to an organisation which helps to give a voice to the people of North East Lincolnshire. I believe that local people deserve their say in the decisions that are made on their behalf, and we are very lucky to have Accord, which has been set up in order to enable us all to do so.


Trevor Brooks

Vice Chair of the Accord Steering Group

‘Recently retired after spending 43 years employed in the public and third sectors.

After working for 35 years in the social housing field, spent the last 7 years in commissioning and procurement with the local council during which time I gained extensive knowledge of the methods used to secure services and goods which met the requirements and gave good value for money.
Also involved in the subsequent monitoring of those services.

Enjoy gardening and walking as well as watching most sports.

Joined Accord some years ago and see my role as an ambassador and as a member of the steering group as an opportunity to put my experience and knowledge to good use to assist in the work of the CCG.


Paul Hill

My name is Paul Hill.  I am 60 years young and retired.  I enjoyed my work as a Demolition and scrap merchant it was varied and interesting.  I met people of all genres and really enjoyed meeting different people.

I am too young to do nothing at all and I have volunteered for a couple of email projects, mainly to do with diabetes.  As an ambassador for accord I hope to meet a variety of people and enter a dialogue with them.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the training and hope there will be more.

I am a fair minded individual and hope I will listen to people with an unbiased ear.
I enjoy something new and a challenge and hope I can be of use to the accord organisation. 

Elaine Flower

Having worked as a nurse for the majority of my adult life I have always had a passion for improving the health and well-being of us all.  We all have family, friends and neighbours who need health and care services from time to time and I like to play a part in securing the best provision of these services we can.

Following my retirement from the NHS I have continued to work as a volunteer in health and social care related organisations and was pleased to join accord when it was formed a few years ago.  It gives it members the opportunity to share experiences, have their say on what changes are needed to improve care and influence decisions before new services are introduced.

I undertook the ambassador training to assist in recruiting more members into accord who can also have a voice in the discussion and decision making process about local services.  I found the training well organised, very informative, thought-provoking but most important of all enjoyable!  I thank Sally, Janet and the rest of my peer group for a great experience.
I am looking forward to promoting accord at local events, recruiting new members and forming new social relationships with other like-minded people who want the best services for our local population.


Dave McGuire

I joined Accord in 2009 after reading in the newspaper that the local NHS wanted the public to get involved in how NHS money is spent. I am passionate about helping his local community and believe that ”The best way to engage people is face to face.

I then became an Ambassador and joined the Accord Steering Group in 2016 and I am committed to making sure the community has a say in their health and care services. I regularly go out and about in the community raising awareness of Accord and opportunities to get involved. Being part of the Steering group means that I help plan and facilitate the Way Forward and Annual Members’ events.

I am a volunteer with the CCG, Care Plus Board, both the Older Peoples and Diabetes Collaboratives and Shoreline Housing and I am proud to have been the driving force behind the establishment and growth of the NEL Diabetes Support group which meets twice every month.


Debbie Woodward

Though born in Grimsby, I have lived and worked abroad and in other parts of England before returning to North East Lincolnshire in 2001; since my return my professional roles have been very much around community engagement and problem solving in order to help shape services to meet the needs of our local communities and individuals in those communities.

I have worked in the Local Authority both delivering and managing projects, ensuring good value and achievement of intended outcomes. I have also worked for an independent consultancy in various parts of England, bringing local communities and service users together with officers of statutory organisations to ensure that services understand and are responsive to local issues and needs.

I have always been active in volunteering and have been working for the past 6 years within the voluntary and community sector supporting some of the most challenged local people who are distanced from mainstream services. I believe that my commitment, drive, knowledge and experience can, through being an Ambassador for Accord, assist the work of the CCG, now and in the future.