Children and Young People's Bowel and Bladder Services Feedback Report

The National Institute of Clinical Excellence estimates that bladder and bowel dysfunction affects about 900,000 children and young people out of a population of 8,500,000 in the UK.

In North East Lincolnshire (NEL), there is currently a formal review of the whole pathway of children and young people’s bladder and bowel services.

North East Lincolnshire CCG wants to ensure the right support and services are in place to enable people diagnosed with bladder and bowel issues to understand, manage and resolve their symptoms. The views and thoughts of those living with such symptoms is an important element of building the right service. Therefore, it was felt important to gain the views of patients and their families who use the service.

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The outcomes will be shared with the NEL Bladder and Bowel Project Group. Following this meeting, we will be developing a ‘You said, we did’ report which will show how the views, experiences and priorities that our patients and the public shared with us are being taken forward by the CCG.