The Engagement Team

Health and social care services affect every person in North East Lincolnshire and it is important that everyone has the opportunity to give their views on the services they want.  Engaging with the community is a priority within the CCG as it is the people who receive these services who are best placed to comment on them.

Our role as part of the Engagement Team is to support community members so that their voices are listened to and guide them through the right processes to really influence changes to the services which affect them.

NHS spending needs to be targeted in the right places and by using you're views, we are able to ensure that money is used in the best possible way to serve the community.


The Accord membership is managed by the North East Lincolnshire CCG engagement team

If you want to talk to a member of the team about Accord please:

call 0300 3000 567


or write to us at Accord, North East Lincolnshire CCG, Municipal Offices,

Town Hall Square, Grimsby, DN31 1HU