Let's get this conversation started...2022

Some of the ways that organisations work together, and plan NHS services are changing soon to make sure health and care work together better than they have done in the past. Our local North East Lincolnshire Health and Care Partnership (HCP) will bring together NHS planners, health and care providers, population health experts, the council and voluntary services which means the planning of important services will be done close to where you live by people who know your local area well. 

We hosted a series of workshops during the spring and summer of 2022 to explore how by Talking, Listening and Working Together we can get this right. Partners were asked to invite their members, patient representatives, supporters, and service users to join us at Centre4 to explore how we can all Talk, Listen and Work Together to improve health, care and wellbeing in North East Lincolnshire. You can find out about what was discussed at these sessions below:

Wednesday 6th April.

Wednesday 15th June

Wednesday 6th July