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Have you had an NHS Health Check?

The Public Health Team at North East Lincolnshire Council are hosting a workshop on Monday 25th March to inform the re-commissioning of NHS Health Checks.

The NHS Health Check is a health check for adults in England aged 40-74. It is designed to spot early signs of stroke, kidney disease, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and dementia and therefore helps to reduce people’s risk of developing these conditions. It is offered to adults aged 40-74 without a pre-existing condition every 5 years. In North East Lincolnshire, the NHS Health Check is currently carried out in GP practices.

During the NHS Health Check, a healthcare professional asks you some simple questions about your lifestyle and family history, measures your height and weight, takes your blood pressure and does a blood test. Based on this, they are able to give you an idea of your chances of getting heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and diabetes and they will offer you personalised advice to lower your risk.

Public Health want to look at what is and isn’t working well currently in the delivery of NHS Health Checks so that we can develop a delivery model that is accessible for our local population and is efficient for staff delivering the programme. We have invited Practice Managers to this workshop as well as the business support staff within the Council who send out health check invites. We also want to extend the invite to members of the public who have had an NHS Health Check.

If you have had an NHS Health Check and would like to attend the workshop, all you need to do is click here to register.

Event details:

Date: Mon, 25 March 2019

Time: 09:30am – 12:30pm

Location: Riverside Family Hub, 74 Sorrel Rd, Grimsby, DN34 4GB

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