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Opportunity to comment on the Draft Adult Strategy for North East Lincolnshire

Some ACCORD members will be aware that the adult services review delivered its final report at the end of 2018, and made a number of recommendations for improvements to the way local health and care commissioners and providers work together to help those who need support.  The final report can be accessed via the CCG’s website at   

As part of the CCG and Council’s effort to address the recommendations from the review, we have created an Adult Strategy, which will replace the Adult Social Care Strategy 2015-18.  The new strategy focuses on the health and care services/ support which help adults to be well and independent, although the hope is that it can have a wider influence on other services/ support which contribute to wellbeing.  We aim to be more effective by focusing on clear, shared objectives.   

We would like to provide ACCORD members with an opportunity to make comments on the strategy.  If you can spare the time to read it, we ask that you note –

  • the intention is to make the document as short and user friendly as possible.  The strategy is brief and high level only (currently around 6 pages)   
  • the strategy will be illustrated with some pictures/ graphics which are NOT yet included, drawing on ideas from other documents; you are viewing it in its ‘pre-design’ state!
  • the action plan which will attach to the final version will draw on actions from the adult services review, but is not yet available; this will provide further detail.

To view the DRAFT strategy, please click here.

If you would like to make comments, please send them to by no later than 5pm on 18th June 2019.  

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