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Vaccination Drop-ins

Your family, friends and work mates need you to have your COVID vaccination as soon as you are offered it.

Without the vaccination, you continue to run a much greater risk of catching the virus and passing it on to others who may become very poorly. Some people have mild or no symptoms and can give it to others without even knowing. Imagine how you would feel if you suspected you had made someone become very ill.

We are holding some walk-in clinics to make it easier for people to get their first jab (or their second if it’s due).

No need to book, just turn up to one of these Clinics if you’re aged 18 or over and live in North East Lincolnshire:

Thurs 17 and Fri 18 June from 4pm to 8pm – Open Door, Albion Street, Grimsby (Pfizer)

More drop ins are being organised.

It isn’t fair but some people are much more likely to become seriously ill or die from COVID. This includes people from a black, Asian or ethnic minority background who are more likely to die than someone who is white. Older people, people having treatment for illnesses like cancer or people who have a health condition are also at greater risk. However, COVID can still be a life changing illness for even fit and healthy people, and there is unfortunately no way of telling whether you will be one of those people who are left fighting to recover from the effects of the virus for many months.

“While everyone has made sacrifices during the pandemic, it has been a particularly frightening and isolating time for people who are at greater risk,” explained Dr Ekta Elston, local GP and medical director of NHS North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). “Many vulnerable people have been tragically separated from family and friends at a time when they really need the comfort and reassurance of loved ones.”

If enough people have their vaccine, we are more likely to get the everyday freedoms back that we used to take for granted, and see our lives return to normal.

Vaccination with two simple injections is the best way of protecting you against COVID-19. The vaccine has been tested in the same way as any other vaccine. It won’t affect your chances of getting pregnant and while there are some common, short-lived side effects such as a sore arm, a headache or tiredness for a few days, these are very mild compared to the common effects of catching the virus. Catching COVID-19 can cause:

  • Cough for several weeks
  • Struggling to breath, which might even need hospital treatment
  • Chronic tiredness for weeks or even months
  • You also have a much higher risk of getting a blood clot if you get coronavirus than with any of the covid vaccines including the AZ vaccine.

With new variants of the virus emerging (such as the delta variant that is causing a new rise in the numbers of infections), it’s vital people in the most at risk groups (aged 50 plus) have their second vaccination as early as possible.

Most people in North East Lincolnshire are having their vaccination and more than 168,000 doses have already been given to local people. This means around 85% of people aged over 25 have had at least one dose of the vaccine, with more than 63% fully vaccinated already.

The COVID vaccination is helping us to get life back to normal again. If enough people have the vaccination, there will be fewer cases, less likelihood of a return to restrictions and we can all carry on seeing our friends and family again and enjoy the activities that help to keep us mentally and physically healthy.

You will be much less likely to test positive for COVID-19 if testing is needed for concerts, sports events, gatherings and holidays. You will also be prepared if “vaccine passports” are introduced in any form.

We have reserved a covid vaccine for you.  It is ready for you as soon as you are offered it.

  • You can get your covid vaccine by;
    • Call 119 to book an appointment at a local centre
    • Keep an eye out for local pop up sites in your area

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